Not Just BBQ… Your Q

Join in and share Your Q knowledge. This website is all about learning to create your own original BBQ recipes.


We all love BBQ. Let us in on what makes Your Q unique and original. If it’s not one of your protected secrets, give us a glimpse. You never know how much you might help someone.

Be Proud

You may have a killer mop sauce. Maybe you’ve got this way of smoking that doesn’t dry out the meat. Or maybe you just have a cool looking smoker. It doesn’t matter what it is, be proud of it and show us all.

If you have a BBQ recipe that doesn’t fit into any of these categories, just skip to the bottom and submit it on this page. We’ll find a place for it as we continue to expand. Who knows… you may have so many contributions that you will need a page of your own, like Wally’s Dad.

I would love to post Your Q recipe here for others to enjoy. There’s bound be those among us that would like to try it. Or maybe use it as a starting point for another original recipe.


Remember reading on the Chili page that I add a spoonful of pickle juice in my bowl of chili? That’s something that most people would have never ever thought of trying (but it’s good).

Have you got a certain combination of ingredients in your recipe that are a little out of the ordinary? If it’s good, let us know about it. But please, only submit recipes that you have actually tested (‘cause you know we’ll all want to try it).


When I was in college, I had to take a course in research. I learned that a primary principle of research is that it must be based on previous research.

That’s kind of what we’ll be doing here (recipe research). Tested original recipes, submitted by you, will serve as the starting point for someone else. Another original recipe will come from yours, (pretty cool, huh?).

Free for All

This sharing of recipes between all of us will be completely free. There will never be any charge or fee for a recipe. They will be available for everyone to enjoy and use. So be sure and tell your friends when you get published on the internet.

Have Fun

If you don’t want your original recipes posted for the world to see, I completely understand. Maybe you want to create a cookbook with Your Q recipes and market it. That’s OK, (and good idea, too). In that case, don’t submit anything. But, while you create and accumulate your recipes, visit us often. And most of all… have fun.

For those of you that do submit your recipes, I will post them on the website. You will also be given credit for them (that’s why they need to be original).


Submit only one recipe at a time.  For consistency, please use the following measures

c = Cup
tsp = teaspoon
Tbs = Tablespoon

Also, include any special instructions as to how to make the recipe.

Important Information

Please include background information such as why and how you did it, problems along the way, tips for others, etc. That’s the stuff that makes it interesting.

Pick a Category

War of the BBQ Sauce Styles
BBQ Joint Reviews
BBQ the Right Way

If those categories don’t seem to fit, submit your BBQ recipe here.

Have A Great BBQ Recipe?

Do you have a great recipe or BBQ story? Here is the place to share it!