BBQ, Is That Correct?

Sure you’ve got to eat… but BBQ?

Yeah. That’s living the good life.

There is just something about the smell that relaxes me. And you know how smells can trigger memories? Every time I smell it, I am taken back to a whole lifetime of good memories. All of them are of leisure and relaxation. But you know that! You love it, too. I guess we’re just lucky. Not everybody has that.

Grilling, campfires, flame,  smoke, infrared, steam, wood, charcoal, natural gas, propane… With all of this outdoor cooking, where do we start?  Well… let’s go to Webster.

BBQ, Barbecue, Barbeque, Bar-B-Q… what’s the difference?

Absolutely nothing.

They are all the same, just a different spelling.

Although not unanimous, most people agree on the origin of BBQ.

Yes, but what is it?

OK. OK. Here we go…

Webster’s Dictionary says that barbecue is:

1. to roast or broil on a rack or revolving spit over or before a source of heat such as hot coals

2. to cook in a highly seasoned vinegar sauce

3. framework for supporting meat over a fire

4. a large animal (as a steer) roasted whole or split over an open fire or a fire pit

5. a social gathering especially in the open air at which barbecued food is eaten

6. an often portable fireplace over which meat and fish are roasted

So, barbecue is:

what you are cooking
how you are cooking it
the equipment you cook it with
and the gathering you invite people to, to eat it.

Confusing? No, Not really. Just come to my BBQ and I’ll show you how to Barbecue some Barbeque on my Bar-B-Q. Simple right?

Seriously, though, if you have questions and want specific information about BBQ please take this short survey for me. By doing so, you will help keep this website focused. You may return to continue reading in about 2 minutes.

How the food is cooked has a lot to do with the equipment used. True BBQ is considered by many to be cooked slowly using indirect heat at temperatures between 200 to 240 degrees with a hardwood fire. There are many variations of this type of cooking, too.

The equipment varies in size and design. The heat varies based on equipment and the pit master. The heat source varies such as hickory, mesquite, oak, etc. There are different forms of fuel such as cut wood, chunk coal, charcoal briquet’s, etc. This article may help you answer the question… Smoke With What?

Smoking or Grilling?

Grilling is the very popular form of outdoor cooking that uses direct heat. Although, there is an ongoing argument whether to use charcoal or gas . But it’s done at a higher temperature and used for cooking smaller pieces. It is much quicker than smoking and has as many, if not more, variations in technique.

One such technique is the use of grilling planks. Many people may have heard of it, but few know how to actually do it. Rawdon from Aussie-Grilling-Planks is an expert at describing the art of plank grilling. He not only can tell you about it, but can even sell you a few planks as well.

All of the different cooking techniques have their own set of pros and cons. Most people have a preferred method, although some dabble in all of it. The real die hards become experts in their chosen techniques.

We didn’t even get into the gathering (restaurant, back yard, catered, competitions, parties, etc.). That’s alright. We’ll save that discussion for another page. Remind me about it later.

An Internet Full

Out there in cyberspace, there are some excellent websites that go into great detail about cooking methods and techniques. As this site continues to grow, I will strive to add more good useful information for you.

Sometimes, though, it’s just easier to refer you to one of those experts directly. If you happen to be in the market for a grill, Home Barbeque Grilling offers some excellent information on specific grills that just may help you decide what you really want.

When most people decide to buy a grill, they have two options. They can do go to their local hardware or home builders supply store and be wowed by a sparkling new grill. Or, they can do the research on the Internet.

But what good is a review if it doesn’t include experiences from people like you? Research before you buy – The Gas Grill Review – Stop in at the Gas Grill Review and read what other people like you have to say, or say it yourself if you have a story to tell.

Although this site will focus more on the what we are cooking and how to season it (unless I bird walk a little), I will continue to provide my recommendations for some of the best websites on technique, as I find them.

As a matter of fact, if you are ignoring all the stuff I write about grilling and you’re only interested in the smoking… then check in with Tony. He is the backyard smoker barbeque chef . Tony does a great job of breaking down the smoking process for you into detailed steps.

Around Here Though…

I’d better point out something else about my use of the term, too. You’ll find that I almost always use BBQ, because it’s quicker and easier to write.

It doesn’t matter if you are a smoker, or you like the grill. There is something here for everyone.

When in the company of the average Joe, I know what he means when he says BBQ. But, on the other hand, I also know how strict the definition can be in the company of others. So, associate with your own kind, if you must. But let’s all get along.

Since barbecue is (according to Webster) the whathow, with whatwhere and when of cooking, I will use it that way too.

Therefore, on this site, I will use the term BBQ to include not only smoking, but direct heat grilling, cooking with sauce, no sauce, marinades, rubs, or any other form of outdoor cooking for that matter. It’s all good. Time for another drink, isn’t it?

Does Anyone Really Know the
Right Way to BBQ?

Have you already got this figured out? If you already know, then please share it with the world. Reveal your expertise and tell it like it is.

Not much experience with BBQ? No worries. Everybody’s got a story. Breaking in a brand new grill may be just what visitors who’ve never BBQed need to see.

Explain the right way to BBQ, but also tell us why it’s the right way. It may be temperature or tradition, wood or coal, rub or marinade. You get the idea.

Get published on the internet for your family and friends to see. How cool is that?